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Twos (Age 2)


The two-year-old classrooms at Carriage House are vibrant spaces that support the physical, social, and intellectual growth of children.

AGES: 2 years old

PROGRAM RUNS: Year round, beginning in September

HOURS: Full-time

DAYS: 2, 3 or 5 days

See our Tuition Rates page for more information on options.

  • Classroom routines offer a stable environment that allows each child to develop new skills at her or his own rate.
  • Teachers engage children through in-depth exploration of topics through organic and planned moments throughout the day.
  • Scheduled gym times, outdoor excursions, and active group experiences give children the space, time, and materials to practice and refine motor skills.
  • Teachers demonstrate patience and understanding to help two-year-olds with their big emotions.
  • Weekly small-group music class increases creative expression and recall.
  • Through skilled observation, teachers support development, introduce meaningful experiences, and share with families.