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Preschool (Age 3)


The preschool classrooms at Carriage House are lively, caring environments for active learners.

AGES: 3 years old

PROGRAM RUNS: September through May, with summer programming available here

HOURS: Part-time (9am-1pm or 9am–3:30pm) or full-time

DAYS: 3 or 5 days

See our Tuition Rates page for more information on options.

  • Children exercise choice within a predictable framework to grow in independence and a sense of self.
  • Teachers employ open-ended questions to deepen areas of interest, engage children’s curiosity, and foster social skills.
  • Learning areas such as dramatic play, library, building, small manipulatives, sensory, art, and writing provide a learning environment that sparks all areas of a child’s development.
  • Interactions with classmates bring collaborative and imaginative play.
  • Scheduled gym times, outdoor excursions, and active group experiences give children the space, time, and materials to practice and refine motor skills.
  • Teachers provide mentoring and direction as children grow in expressing their feelings and sharing with others.
  • Children attend music class building a repertoire of familiar songs and experimenting with different kinds of movement.
  • Children develop sound awareness through conversations, words games, songs, chants, and stories that pave the way for reading skills.
  • Through skilled observation, teachers support development, introduce meaningful experiences, and share with families.